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Strategic Directions and Goals

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Strategic Directions and Goals

Featuring strong vision and mission statements, CDI’s new strategic directions will shape the agency’s approach to service delivery and program development with a continued focus on thought leadership, innovation and a commitment to excellence.

Vision Statement: To make measureable lifelong impact on the mental health and well-being of children, youth and their families.

Mission Statement: We transform the lives of children, youth and their families by developing and delivering world class, innovative evidence-based mental health programs.

CDI will focus on three priorities, which are listed below:

No. 1: Build a stronger service system

CDI will offer leadership and other contributions to strengthen services to children, youth and families and support integration and consolidation within the children and youth mental health system.

No. 2: Develop and disseminate innovative programs

CDI will broaden the reach and impact of its innovative and evidence-based programs that contribute to better outcomes for children and youth.

No. 3: Position the organization for the future

CDI will capitalize on its current strengths and capabilities and develop new capacity to ensure that we continue to be a high performing organization that is well-positioned for the future.

Supporting agility through organizational restructuring

As part of our work to position CDI for the future, we have restructured our organization in order to better serve our staff and clients. To this end, we have united all of our clinical services under the leadership of one senior Director, which serves to break down silos across the agency and encourage information sharing across teams.

Reaching more children, youth and families through program expansion

In addition to maintaining the highest standards of operational quality and services, CDI is focusing on program development and scaling for impact.

Over the last year, we have made significant gains in the expansion of three programs created by our agency: Stop Now And Plan (SNAP), Mothers in Mind (MIM) and Integra Mindfulness Martial Arts (MMA).

Last year, the Government of Ontario announced plans to fund seven additional SNAP sites in the province, and CDI trained and supported these new implementation sites. The initial phase of our SNAP National Expansion Campaign is near completion, and we are now building the infrastructure required to provide continued support to organizations and communities adopting our award-winning children’s mental health program. The Campaign has been made possible with the support of individuals, foundations and corporations and is partially supported by the Government of Canada.

Our Mothers in Mind program, which supports mothers who have experienced woman abuse or other trauma (e.g. childhood abuse, sexual assault, war) and have children under the age of four, is currently delivered by 18 affiliate sites across Ontario and several sites in Quebec and Australia. This year, we launched a partnership to deliver MIM as an embedded program supporting mothers and children involved with the Children’s Aid Society of Toronto.

Integra Mindfulness Martial Arts, which helps address self regulation difficulties in youth ages 12 to 18 years who have learning disabilities and mental health challenges (LDMH), launched a pilot program in collaboration with the Cree Nation in 2016. Critical to the success of this pilot is our intention to adapt the program to meet the specific needs of this community by working closely with their leaders and ensuring the cultural and community needs of participants are met.