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Strategic Directions and Goals

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Strategic Directions and Goals

CDI launched its new Strategic Directions and Goals in August 2016 after a lengthy consultation process with staff, stakeholders and the Board of Directors.

Led by strong vision and mission statements, CDI’s new strategic directions will shape the agency’s approach to service delivery and program development with a continued focus on thought leadership, innovation and a commitment to excellence.

Vision Statement: To make measureable lifelong impact on the mental health and well-being of children, youth and their families.

Mission Statement: We transform the lives of children, youth and their families by developing and delivering world class, innovative evidence-based mental health programs.

Over the next two years, CDI will focus on three priorities, which are listed below:

No. 1: Build a stronger service system

CDI will offer leadership and other contributions to strengthen services to children, youth and families and support integration and consolidation within the children and youth mental health system.

No. 2: Develop and disseminate innovative programs

CDI will broaden the reach and impact of its innovative and evidence-based programs that contribute to better outcomes for children and youth.

No. 3: Position the organization for the future

CDI will capitalize on its current strengths and capabilities and develop new capacity to ensure that we continue to be a high performing organization that is well-positioned for the future.

As part of these three strategic directions, CDI has outlined several important goals, including:

  • Contributing evidence and knowledge to children’s mental health and other sectors through research and innovation;
  • Identifying new opportunities to innovate, develop and scale up delivery of new programs and disseminate knowledge; and
  • Maintaining the highest standards of operational quality and services and continue to expand our knowledge base and community engagement.

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