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Clinical Services

The Integra Program offers a unique approach to evidence-informed mental health intervention by putting the child or youth's own learning profile at the centre of treatment. We begin by studying a child's learning profile and then create a therapeutic program with a team of therapists and psychologists in consultation with the family. We tailor evidence-informed therapy practices to the child's learning style and develop evidence-informed, innovative and effctive new group interventions for children with mental health issues complicated by learning disabilities (LDMH).

Beginning in September 2015, we are piloting a new Assessment and Consultation Clinic model to improve access to our unique services. Families will be invited to meet with a child and family clinician and our staff psychologist to determine clinical needs and develop a treatment plan that incorporates the child/youth's learning profile. Services may include one or a combination of the following programs:

LD-Informed Therapy or Counselling
Reflecting our belief that therapy is learning, we tailor evidence-informed therapy practices to accommodate the child, youth or family’s strengths in learning. We offer individual and family therapy and parenting interventions to improve mental health and well-being, to develop and implement effective coping skills, and to support family communication, problem-solving and understanding. Our child and family clinicians are trained in a variety of evidence-informed practices, including but not limited to cognitive behavior therapy (CBT), solution-focused, collaborative problem-solving, narrative, dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), family therapy and mindfulness. Our clinical approach is strength-based and family-centred.  

Integra Mindfulness Martial Arts (MMA)
Integra MMA is a 20-week group program designed to address self regulation difficulties in youth ages 12 to 18 years who have learning disabilities and mental health challenges (i.e., anxiety, depression, and/or disruptive behaviors). The program combines martial arts training with mindfulness meditation, yoga, cognitive behaviour therapy and behavioral principles. The program has been successfully replicated outside of Toronto and has over a decade of research outcomes to support its efficacy.   

Integra Young Warriors (YW)
Integra Young Warriors (YW) is a 20-week group program for 9 to 11 year old children with LDs and co-occurring mental health challenges, including anxiety, ADHD and autism spectrum disorders. Integra YW integrates martial arts (Aikido), mindfulness practice and evidence-informed therapeutic practices (CBT, DBT and drama therapy) within a “dojo” milieu to foster improvements in self-regulation.  

Integra Social ACES (Awareness, Competence, Engagement, Skills) Group Program
Social compentence is a complex and interconnected set of knowledge and skills that come naturally to most people, but can be a challenge for children with learning disabilities. In Integra Social ACES group program, this 10-week program, children and youth are matched carefully into groups of three to eight in accordance with individual emotion regulation and social competence needs and treatment goals. 

Towhee Summer Residential Program​
Towhee Summer Residential Program is a unique summer residential therapeutic program for children and youth aged 10 to 18 years with learning disabilities and mental health issues. Located in Haliburton, Ontario, Towhee Summer Residential Program targets treatment goals, including improved social competence, improved self confidence and increased resiliency and skills to manage intense emotions and behaviors.

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Triple P Positive Parenting Group Program
The Triple P Positive Parenting Program is an evidence-based, group-format parenting program developed by the School of Psychology at the University of Queensland in Australia. Triple P is the most highly-researched parenting program of its kind worldwide, and its training methods have proven to be successful in improving parent knowledge, skill and confidence.