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Research and Evaluation

Children's Mental Health

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CDI is committed to providing programs and services that are accountable, client-centred and effective. As part of that commitment, CDI monitors the effectiveness and quality of its programs in many ways. We recognize the importance of strengthening positive outcomes for children by using evidence-based programs, conducting relevant social research and sharing our knowledge with others.

Our programs are based on a scientist-practitioner philosophy, meaning science informs practice and practice informs science. This helps us build strong evidence-based programs, and enables us to share this research with others, so that the positive impact on children’s lives can be increased exponentially.

In partnership with national and international universities and hospitals and world-renowned research experts, we conduct applied social research in the areas of childhood aggression and antisocial behaviour; gender-specific interventions; family violence; child development; and parenting.

CDI is committed to sharing our knowledge and expertise with other agencies and service providers. We offer workshops to the professional community through many of our programs, and we work with a number of local, national and international educational institutions to provide student field placement opportunities.

We have a dedicated implementation team which is responsible for making our award-winning, evidence- based SNAP® model available to communities around the world. In Ontario, we are working with public school boards to deliver SNAP® in schools, and with funding from Public Safety Canada’s National Crime Prevention Centre, more than a dozen community agencies across Canada are becoming SNAP® partners. Internationally, the SNAP® model has been replicated in the United States, Australia, Norway and Scotland. We also teach professionals how to accurately detect and respond to a wide range of child, family and community risk factors using our risk assessment tools, which have been used and tested world-wide, so that children receive services that are both relevant and needed.

As a result of our emphasis on research and evaluation, CDI is developing a critical body of knowledge that informs our practices and programs so that we can provide the highest quality services.