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Holiday gift baskets for families in need

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We are pleased to thank a group of special employees at BMO who created and donated gift baskets for mothers and children in our Family Violence Services last December. The beautifully decorated baskets included toiletries and gifts for mothers and personally chosen toys for their children.

The employees from BMO’s Business Process & Digitization group, including Nicole Tryhorn, Anita Pereira, Nicole Taylor and Linda Galati, explained what had encouraged them to organize this labour of love project for CDI’s families. “During a tour of CDI, which we participated in last fall with several BMO employees as part of the United Way campaign, we learned a great deal about the mental health challenges facing many mothers and children living in shelters, or living with violence in their lives.”  Energized to make a tangible difference, they reached out to CDI to ask what they could do, and the idea of putting together the gift baskets for mothers and children in our Mothers in Mind program made sense.

“Families struggle, we see that every day. We are fortunate to have a job and benefits and an opportunity to help where we can. During the tour, we heard several stories about CDI’s families that really pulled at the heartstrings,” said Nicole Tryhorn. “I think I can speak for the whole group that, through this project, we feel we made a real difference. To understand the benefit of these programs for children and mothers participating is truly special.”