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Featured Donor: CIBC Mellon

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(L-R) Integra Mindfulness Martial Arts Coordinator Trish McKeough stands alongside Garvie, Jennifer, Brent, Christina, Beverley, Julie, Ciara, Paul and Conor with CIBC Mellon. David Jurasek, Integra Young Warriors Coordinator, is pictured at the far right. 

We are very grateful to nine wonderful employee volunteers from CIBC Mellon’s marketing and corporate communications team, who visited the Integra Program on Friday, August 5 to paint our Mindfulness Martial Arts Dojo. As part of CIBC Mellon’s “Together In Action” workplace volunteering program, the volunteers not only spruced up the Dojo in time for our MMA and Young Warriors fall sessions, but the company pledged to donate $100 per volunteer to both CDI’s Integra Program and to the United Way.

“We believe in empowering our employees to engage with the causes, charities and focus areas that matter most to them. In this case, CIBC Mellon has previously supported the Integra Program, and we were intrigued to learn more about their MMA and Young Warriors programs and the impact they are having on children with learning disabilities,” said Conor Houlihan, Senior Corporate and Client Communications Specialist and Secretary of the CSR Committee at CIBC Mellon, who spearheaded this volunteer event.

“We had a blast working with the CIBC Mellon team. This kind of help is so important to us. As a non-profit, we have a responsibility to focus our resources directly on programs, so projects like painting walls often get pushed to the bottom of the list, and yet it’s really meaningful to the children and youth who practice here, to have a beautiful space to work in and get better in,” said David Jurasek, Coordinator of Young Warriors.