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Our featured supporter: KBSH Spirit Foundation helps Towhee children reach their full potential

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From left to right: Judy White, CDI, Stephen Carlin, President, KBSH Spirit Foundation, Nicola Bangham, Director, the Towhee Summer Residential Program, Tim Stinson, Director, KBSH Spirit Foundation

We are very grateful to KBSH Spirit Foundation for their generous philanthropic support of the Towhee Summer Residential Program over the last two years, to help provide bursaries to children who would otherwise not be able to attend this therapeutic summer program, about 30% of our participants each year.

On behalf of the Directors, Wendy Giofu describes the foundation’s goals, “Our focus is primarily to support innovative programs which provide opportunities to improve the well-being of children, so that they may discover and develop to their full potential. Towhee is a very unique program that nurtures children who have significant and very specific challenges, and helps them soar. We are very pleased to do our part to support them.”

Nicola Bangham, Director of Towhee adds, “At Towhee, children with learning disabilities, who struggle in school and so many parts of their lives, feel respected and that they belong. This feeling of belonging and sense of security is incredibly empowering for children who so often feel marginalized or rejected, or have even been bullied, and who understandably shy away from the world. They try new things like canoeing, music or out-tripping and feel a sense of accomplishment. This feeds into their sense of well-being which lasts when they go back to their lives at home and at school.”

KBSH (Knight, Bain, Seath, Holbrook) Spirit Foundation was founded in 1998 by the former partners of KBSH Capital Management, as a fundraising and granting organization dedicated to the well-being of children. Over twenty years they have donated over $1.5 million to over 30 different child-focused charities and programs. Today, the foundation’s mandate is to support those organizations that provide an intangible spark to children, that allows them to grow and better realize their dreams.

Nicola comments, “We hear children, families and staff refer to ‘Towhee Magic’, it’s the combination of our beautiful lakeside setting, incredible staff who are so intentional in supporting our children, the immersive nature of our therapeutic approach, our inclusiveness and individual accommodations for each child”.

Thank you to KBSH Spirit Foundation for all you do to support children in our community, and for helping children with LDMH come to Towhee and reach their potential!