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LDMH: A Handbook on Learning Disabilities and Mental Health

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Who is the LDMH Handbook for?
The LDMH Handbook was developed as a useful reference guide for parents, caregivers, educators and other professionals who support and work with children and youth with Learning Disabilities (LDs) and Mental Health issues.

Why was the LDMH Handbook developed?
The LDMH Handbook was designed to complement participation in our Community Education and Engagement workshops and training programs at Integra. In particular, the LDMH Handbook compliments our “Walk a Mile in my Shoes” workshop, which provides participants with an opportunity to experience the emotional impact of having a LD while also developing an understanding of the challenges children and youth with LDs face on a daily basis. Our hope for the LDMH Handbook is to provide information about LDs and Mental Health to illustrate how they intersect, and to dispel myths and improve societal attitudes.

What does the LDMH Handbook cover?
In the first section of the LDMH Handbook, we provide general information about the definition of Learning Disabilities and about the relationship between LDs and Mental Health. In the second and largest section, we deconstruct each type of cognitive or psychological process, to explain key terms and the challenges related to those cognitive processes. Although each child or youth is unique, we provide a case example for each cognitive process to illustrate one way in which LDs may intersect with Mental Health issues. In the appendix, we provide links and references to useful websites or more information.

To access the LDMH Handbook, click here