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Program for families who have experienced trauma or abuse

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CDI’s Mothers in Mind® (MIM) is an innovative mother and child group program specifically designed to meet the parenting needs of mothers, with children under the age of four, who have experienced family violence, and have histories of childhood abuse, neglect or sexual assault.

The 10-week program focuses on the needs of mothers who find that these hurtful experiences are making parenting difficult. The program helps them learn ways to manage stress and other challenging feelings, foster healthy self-esteem and respond to their children in a sensitive, supportive and effective manner.

“Safety is crucial when parenting young children. How would your parenting be affected if you never felt safe?” asks Lisa Sura-Liddell, Manager of CDI's Family Violence Services. “At Mothers in Mind, mothers find support through their shared experiences in a non-judgemental, caring environment.”

Mothers in Mind is available at the Child Development Institute in Toronto, and through over 18 licensed affiliates across Ontario along with three new affiliates in Australia. For a list of MIM locations, please click here.

In September 2016, we launched a new partnership with Children’s Aid Society Toronto (CAST) to support moms who are involved with the Society who have experienced interpersonal trauma and are parenting children under the age of four. Both CDI and CAST staff are working together to deliver MIM programming, creating a safe and welcoming space for mothers to come together to explore ways to show compassion and care to themselves and their children, find practical ways to respond to their children in a sensitive manner and strengthen their confidence related to parenting.

If you or someone you know has experienced trauma and is interested in finding out more about how trauma can impact parenting, please visit the “For Moms” section of the MIM website for more information and tips to support children.