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What are LDs?

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LDs are neurodevelopmental disorders and they affect one or more of the following areas: the way you take in, understand, remember, and/or express information.

Children and youth with LDs have average to above average intelligence- they are SMART! But there are specific areas of processing which are getting in the way of learning.

LDs are lifelong but they may be expressed differently over time as you move through different stages in your life.

Impairments in one or more of the following psychological processes related to learning:
• Language Processing
• Phonological Processing
• Processing Speed
• Memory and Attention
• Executive  Functioning
• Visual-Spatial Processing
• Visual-Motor Processing

Explaining Behaviour

In children and youth, behaviour is also often a form of communication that something else is happening. One helpful analogy is to think of the behavior as the tip of the iceberg (what we see on the surface) and the various factors contributing to the behaviour as the portion of the iceberg that is underwater and out of sight. In order to help a child or youth with the 'behaviour', we have to try to understand what is 'under the surface' and come up with a plan to address lagging skills or behaviors.