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Mindfulness Tip

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I get bored and restless very easily when not fully engaged in something. At meetings, at my desk replying to a list of requests, "trying" to get reports done. Sometimes I get downright squirrelly or more often I just tune out. 

The kids we serve within the Integra Young Warriors (YW) and their teen counterparts in Integra Mindfulness Martial Arts also seem to struggle with this in a big way. 

What helps me and my students to stay grounded and connected to what's real and happening in any moment, is what Dan Millman discovered decades ago and which he shares in his book and the movie "The Peaceful Warrior". "There's never nothing going on. There are no ordinary moments."  

Rather than instinctively pulling away from experiences of boredom or discomfort and "checking out", we can choose to turn towards whatever is happening, even leaning into it. Then, we discover our senses getting sharper and the experience becoming more vivid and alive. There is so much going on, all the time! 

We bring this lesson to life in many ways at our Integra Dojo (training hall), like when we ask kids to spend 5 minutes observing and enjoying one grape. It's amazing what we discover when we slow down to experience life. 

If you ever feel like I do, wishing you were somewhere else, I encourage you to feel your fingers and toes as you sit and type, to breathe deeply and settle into yourself as you sit at a meeting, and to take a moment to experience all that is happening within you and around you in this moment of your life.

- David Jurasek, Integra Young Warriors Coordinator