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Early Intervention Services

Children's Mental Health

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CDI’s Early Intervention Services include a variety of programs to help children and families struggling with identified difficulties, such as social-emotional or behavioural problems. Many of the families we serve have experienced trauma or abuse, domestic violence, family breakdown and other issues that affect healthy childhood development. These children often experience conflict at school or in childcare, difficulties with peers and family members, and issues related to anger management, impulsivity and/or developmental difficulties.

Many parents also face unique challenges with their children and are known to benefit from specialized child management, par­enting skill development and building a stronger parent-child relationship. Our approach is family-centred and parents are involved throughout their child’s progression in our programs. 

The consequences for children and parents who do not receive adequate and appropriate treatment affect all of us. It is estimated that four out of five children who need help for mental health problems never receive it, and the consequences can include incidences of depression, school dropout, juvenile delinquency and substance abuse. Long-term implications that last into adulthood include illiteracy, violence, underem­ployment and future family breakdown.

Independent evaluation studies of our Early Intervention Services show that we are making a difference, generating positive results for the children and families we serve, and for our commu­nity.

Programs include: