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Child and Family Programs

Healthy child development

Intensive Community and Home Services (ICHS)
Family and Community Counselling

Intensive Community and Home Services (ICHS)

The Intensive Community and Home Services (ICHS) program provides intensive family-based therapeutic support for families with children ages 6-11 whose significant early aggressive, oppositional or defiant behaviours place them at high risk for future antisocial behaviour and negative outcomes.

ICHS Workers engage with children and their families to complete a thorough assessment and develop a collaborative intervention plan. Intervention plans are highly individualized and may include: individual, family and group counselling; SNAP® parenting strategies; home-based coaching and support; school support and advocacy; community support; and life skills coaching. Some children attend an on-site specialized classroom as part of their treatment plan, while others receive support to remain in their community schools.

Children are referred to this program through Toronto’s Centralized Access to Residential Services (CARS).

Family and Community Counselling

The Family and Community Counselling team provides counselling services for families with children from birth to six years old. Counselling is available for parents concerned about their relationship with their child and/or have children who are exhibiting social, emotional and behavioural or adjustment difficulties.

Child and Family Clinicians provide counselling services tailored to each family’s needs. Services may include: family therapy, parent counselling, parent-child interventions, parental guidance and support, specialized group programs, in-home counselling support, liaison with schools and service coordination.

Clinicians support families not only by identifying and building on their strengths and addressing their needs and concerns but also through exploring issues such as family context, early life experiences, temperament, stressors, family relationships and parenting styles.

Children are referred to this program through CDI’s Early Intervention Intake Services; priority is given to children under the age of three. Children ages 6to 11 involved with other CDI services may also be referred to the program.