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Learning Disabilities & Mental Health Services (Formerly Integra)

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Learning Disabilities & Mental Health Services (formerly Integra) provides family-centred, evidence-informed direct clinical services to children and youth ages 8 to 18 with diagnosed learning disabilities complicated by mental health issues (LDMH) in Toronto. Our Towhee Summer Residential Program serves children ages 10 to 18 from across the province. Our Community Education and Engagement program provides training and public education to enhance knowledge and understanding of the challenges faced by children and youth with LDMH.

Reflecting our belief that therapy is learning, the Learning Disabilities & Mental Health Services offer a unique approach to evidence-informed mental health intervention by putting the child and youth’s own learning profile at the centre of treatment. We begin by studying a child’s learning profile and then create a therapeutic program with a team of therapists and psychologists in consultation with the family. We tailor evidence-informed therapy practices to the child’s learning style and develop evidence-informed, innovative and effective new group interventions for children with mental health issues complicated by learning disabilities. With the support of our psychology and research staff and community partners, we carefully evaluate our outcomes and disseminate our findings broadly.

For further information about LDMH services or to make a referral, please call 416- 603-1827.

Learning Disabilities & Mental Health services include: