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Tailored Workshops and Trainings

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Our tailored workshops and trainings are best suited for educators, college or university classes, children's mental health agencies, child protection groups, medical professionals, early childhood educators, those working in youth justice, and parent groups. We also deliver workshops to elementary and high school student groups or classes. Below you will find a list of commonly requested workshops which we regularly deliver to organizations and groups.

Click here to view our workshop information sheet.

To book a training, fill out this form and submit it by email to ldmhcommunity@childdevelop.ca.

If you have any questions, or to discuss a possible training, contact our Community Education and Engagement Program, at 416-603-1827 ext. 5221 or ldmhcommunity@childdevelop.ca.

Commonly requested workshops

Walk a Mile in My Shoes

This experiential and interactive workshop is designed to give participants an understanding of what it might feel like to have a LD. Participants will gain knowledge about current thinking in the field LDs, and a practical understanding of how they may affect mental health and everyday life at home and at school.

Anxiety and Learning Disabilities

In this workshop, we will discuss the role of anxiety in our lives, how it is expressed, and the relationship between anxiety and Learning Disabilities (LDs). Strategies for how to understand and support children and youth with anxiety will be discussed.

Executive Functioning and Emotion Regulation

This workshop provides participants with an understanding of the nature of executive functioning (higher order thinking skills including planning, organization, and flexibility) for children with LDs in this area. Practical strategies to support the development of executive functioning skills and self-regulation will be shared.

The Social Impact of Learning Disabilities

In this workshop, we will discuss why children with LDs are at risk for experiencing social challenges with their peers. Participants will explore what skills are needed in order to be socially competent in everyday life. Strategies on how to understand and support social competence will be shared.

Understanding Memory and Learning Disabilities

This experiential workshop is designed to give participants a better understanding of the different types of memory challenges (verbal, visual, and working memory). We will look at the impact memory challenges have on everyday life for children and youth with LDs (socially, emotionally and behaviourally).

Other topics include:

  • Supporting self-advocacy in children and youth with LDs
  • Adapting therapy for children and adolescents with learning disabilities and mental health
  • Understanding stress, emotion regulation, and self-care for youth
  • Easing back-to-school anxiety