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What is SNAP?®

Antisocial behaviour

SNAP®, which stands for Stop Now And Plan, is an evidence-based cognitive-behavioural model that teaches children struggling with behavioural issues, and their parents, how to manage their emotions and behaviour by getting them to stop, think and plan positive alternatives before acting impulsively.

Developed by CDI, SNAP has demonstrated positive treatment outcomes among children under the age of 12 with conduct and related behavioural problems and their families.

The primary goal of the SNAP program is to keep at-risk children in school and out of trouble. SNAP will:

• Increase emotion-regulation and self-control skills in children and their parents

• Reduce aggression, bullying and antisocial behaviour

• Increase social competency

• Improve academic success by decreasing behavioural issues at school

• Engage high-risk children and their families in service

• Connect children and parents to community-based resources

• Prevent delinquency, school drop-out and teen pregnancy

The SNAP model is incorporated into many of CDI’s other early intervention programs, and has been licensed for use by over 90 organizations around the world.

CDI offers SNAP programs for boys and girls ages 6-11, including the SNAP® Boys and SNAP® Girls programs. Children are referred to the program from a range of sources, with most referrals coming from schools. A CDI Intake Worker will assess the referred 10 child to determine appropriateness before assigning the family to a program. For further information on the SNAP® Program, please visit www.stopnowandplan.com or call 416-603-1827.