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Our Supporters

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Foundations and Corporations


  • Lyn and Sandy Baptist
  • Colette and Thomas Barber
  • John Bardawill and Audrey Vermeer
  • Carol Bezaire
  • Diane Blake and Stephen Smith
  • Vivien and Les Cappe
  • Mario Causarano
  • Scott Conover and Karen Bowles
  • Tami and George Cope
  • David Feather and Lily Chow
  • Frank and Tina Giordano
  • Vanessa Grant and Philip Street
  • Susan and Greg Guichon
  • Patricia and John Gouinlock
  • Hal and Kim Gould
  • Judith Hinchman and Patrick Garver
  • George and Fanny Klas
  • Shauna Klein
  • Karen and Donald Lang
  • Steve and Miseon Lee
  • Janet and Stephen MacPhail
  • The Honourable Margaret McCain
  • Michelle and Patrick Meneley
  • Robert Morton
  • Susan Paterson
  • Chip Pitfield and Michelle Savoy
  • Jill Price
  • Kellie Sauriol
  • Ricki and Steven Sharpe
  • Nora and Tim Spence
  • Susan Weedon
  • Cate and Tony Woodward
  • Cecilia Zimerman and Brandon Snow

The SNAP team at CDI thanks its partners for their generous contributions to social change. All donations listed are over $1,000 and in alphabetical order.

“Through SNAP, we look forward to seeing many positive changes for our families who face serious challenges. Without the funder’s support this program would not have been possible.”

Sandra Browne-Kealey, Clinical Manager, Phoenix Centre