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SNAP® Patch Sticker

3 x 2 inches (7.7 x 5.2 cm) Patch Sticker

SNAP Patch Stickers are very durable and will stick to clothing, backpacks, water bottles, iPods, computers, bikes, helmets, purses, bags, phone cases, towels, sporting equipment, car interiors, furniture... the applications are endless!
No ironing/sewing required - just peel, stick and wear!

How to attach SNAP Patch Stickers:
1. Lay the article on a flat surface.
2. Peel the patch from the backing.
3. Press firmly around the edge of the patch.

On clothing/fabric:
Place the item in the dryer for 10 mins on medium heat, then apply the SNAP Patch Sticker as shown above.
*Avoid washing for 24 hours after application for best results.
*After application, wash clothing inside out, not in hot water.

QuantityUnit Price
1 - 49$2.00
50 - Unlimited$1.70