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What is LDMH?

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At CDI’s Integra Program, child and family clinicians provide specialized services to support youth experiencing mental health challenges related to learning disabilities (LDMH). Individuals experiencing LDMH face invisible barriers to learning and living at an optimal level that can contribute to feelings of anxiety and social isolation.

Children and youth with learning disabilities (LDs) are at greater risk for a number of mental health concerns:

  • Research indicates that 40 per cent of people with LDs are estimated to struggle with problems such as anxiety, depression or low self-esteem
  • 75 per cent of children with LDs are estimated to have difficulties with social relationships
  • Depending on the nature of the LDs, it can be hard for these children to read social cues, adapt to new social situations or regulate their emotions or behaviors in order to fit in with peers
  • Children and youth who have LDs may experience feelings of frustration, shame and perceived stigma, in addition to hopelessness and anxiety about not meeting expectations
  • Kids with LDs are at greater risk for bullying and victimization, social isolation and rejection or feelings of loneliness