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12-18: Social, Emotional, Behavioural Counselling Services


SNAP® (Stop Now And Plan) is an evidence-based cognitive-behavioural and social interactional learning program for children exhibiting significant disruptive, oppositional behaviour and emotional dysregulation impacting their functioning at home, school and community.

The program teaches children and their parents or caregivers how to manage their emotions and behaviour by utilizing strategies to stop, think and plan positive alternatives before acting impulsively.

Learn more at www.stopnowandplan.com.

SNAP® for Youth

A 12-week program part of CDI’s SNAP program that aims to reduce the risk of further contact with the youth justice system and/or gang membership. Providing youth 12+ in custody, probation and/or community settings with digitized modules in support of being able to make better choices to improve their behaviour.

Programming also includes:

  • SNAP Youth Leadership program: post-treatment program to reinforce SNAP