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Child & Youth Mental Health Services

Child & Youth mental Health Services

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CDI is a leader in providing a range of specialized mental health services for children and youth from 0 to 18 and their families. All of our services at CDI are guided by a strength-based approach that incorporates the family and their community into the journey of supporting the child or youth and are divided by age groups, from 0-5, 6-11, and 12-18, providing child-centric and family-focused programming by design to ensure that everyone receives the tailored support and tools they need to build life-long skills, positive mental health and resilience.

About Child & Youth Mental Health Services

Our services and supports address a range of social, emotional, behavioural, psychological and/or psychiatric problems that are provided to children and youth who are at risk of, or who have developed mental health problems, or disorders. Our service streams are divided into 3 specialty areas:

  • Social, Emotional and Behavioural Counselling Services: We provide family-centred services, working with families of children under the age of 12 who are in need of support towards healthier childhood mental health and development. The children we support may be experiencing challenges at home that can lead to issues such as conflict at school, relationships issues at home or issues related to anger management, and/or developmental difficulties. With our holistic approach, we help parents face challenges so they can benefit from specialized child management and parenting skill development to build a stronger parent-child relationship and emotional regulation.

  • Learning Disabilities and Mental Health (LDMH) Counselling Services: We place the child and youth’s own learning profile at the centre of mental health treatment and tailor evidence-informed therapy practices to the child’s learning style with the support of a team of professional therapists and psychologists in collaboration with your family.

  • Gender-based Violence Support: We support women and children who have experienced family violence or other traumas, offering group counselling services, shelter, abuse and trauma services to support in their healing journey.

We are committed to providing services that are respectful of racial, cultural, religious, ethnic and linguistic diversity, as well as sexual orientation, age, gender and family differences. All our services are empowered by evidence-based research and delivered by a deeply caring and compassionate team. Wherever you and your family are on your journey, we provide you with a safe, respectful and welcoming space.