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Camp Wimodausis Celebrates 40 Years of Connecting Children With Critical Mental Health Tools


TORONTO, ON— After two years of virtual programming, CampWimodausis celebrates its 40th anniversary of supporting children’s mental health with its reopening of in-person camp activities this July.

“The last two summers of virtual Camp Wimodausis provided children and families the much-needed support and a positive social outlet through the pandemic. Though this year, we are excited to transition from the virtual world to a new structured in-person camp program,” said Rachel Smith, CDI’s Camp Wimodausis Coordinator. “We welcome returning and new campers to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Camp Wimodausis,” Smith added.

The state of children’s mental health today is at a critical impasse – with more children and youth developing and living with mental health issues. Accessible mental health support is crucial more so than ever. Camp Wimodausis has been a leading solution for families of children with disruptive behaviours for over 40 years. Campers participate in fun summer camp activities while boosting their selfconfidence and improving their emotion regulation skills they learn learned from Stop Now And Plan (SNAP®), CDI’s evidence-based early intervention program.

Camp Wimodausis provides a fun, safe space for campers to connect while reducing social anxiety and other mental health challenges they personally face. Campers and staff work together to cultivate their self-regulation skills by participating in physical, outdoor and indoor games sprinkled with emotion regulation boosters. Camp Wimodausis bolsters children with the critical mental health tools and resiliency to protect against daily obstacles.

To learn more about CDI’s evidence-based SNAP program and Camp Wimodausis, visit www.stopnowandplan.com.

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