Our Philosophy

Towhee is: acceptance and exceptional expertise.

Together, we create an experience that you need to maximize your social competence and experience the magic of belonging. The Towhee program is designed specifically for children and youth that have a diagnosed learning disability and are experiencing social, emotional and mental health challenges. Each Towhee session is customized based on participant’s age, maturity, interest and the composition of the individuals in the cabin group. Towhee provides all participants with a rich/immersive and inclusive experience where they can learn to express and regulate themselves through adventure-based programs and group experiences including canoe tripping, waterfront activities, music, arts, a high ropes course and climbing wall, and other tailored experiences. Unplugging and immersing yourself in our forest by the lake has transformative affects. In 2018 Towhee is celebrating 50 years of ensuring that Towhee participants feels accepted and celebrated for their unique talents.