At Towhee, dedicated and mature staff create a supportive atmosphere to help participants challenge themselves to take risks that are social, emotional, physical and cognitive in nature. Risks that are self-directed become opportunities for learning and social and emotional development.

Highly qualified, experienced and caring staff provide physical and emotional safety in ways that allow participants to learn and have fun! We have a high staff-to-participant ratio providing lots of individual attention, so you can be sure that we are there for all Towhee participants.

Towhee’s therapeutic approach is supported by a 2:1 participant to staff ratio, in a small “community” style environment.  Our staff consist of college and university students and professional, mature adults, from a variety of fields including education, social work, psychology, recreation, child and youth work, and health care. Towhee staff are committed to helping participants discover their strengths, abilities and talents, and learn effective coping strategies.