Gender-based Violence Services

Here to Help (H2H)

This is a group intervention program for mothers with children ages 4 to 18 who have experienced family violence.

Here to Help provides a safe and supportive environment where children and their mothers can begin to heal together from these hurtful experience through in-person sessions. Childcare for children under 4 will be provided.

Mothers in Mind® (MIM)

MIM is a trauma-informed mother-child group program specifically designed to meet the parenting needs of mothers who have experienced interpersonal trauma (including intimate partner violence) and have children under the age of 4.

The program helps mothers connect with their young children in a playful, supportive environment. To build upon the parenting strengths, MIM covers a wide range of topics to help mothers take care of themselves while respond sensitively to the needs of their young child.

In addition, participants are provided with healthy snacks and storybooks for children to take home.

Shelters Program

The Shelters Program offers individual counselling and parenting support for parents with children ages 0-18 who have experienced family violence and are residing in shelters.

To support the healing journey, the program helps the family:

  • Prepare a safety plan;
  • Work through thoughts and feelings in a confidential and supportive space; 
  • Learn how to strengthen parenting skills and foster healthy relationships within the family;
  • Learn coping strategies;
  • Share hopes and set goals for the future.

School Liaison Program (SLP)

Supporting children ages 4-16 living in shelters, SLP helps children make a smooth transition to their new school by working with children, mothers, shelters, and school staff.

Our SLP worker is available at the school to support the child’s academic, emotional, behavioural, and social development. 

The program supports children in:

  • Feeling connected to teachers & staff at new school;
  • Enhancing safety skills;
  • Managing challenging feelings, especially at school; 
  • Making friends and developing social skills; 
  • Making appropriate referrals for additional support.

Transitional Housing & Support Program Services (THSP)

THSP supports women-identified adults/moms, who have experienced domestic violence and/or are victims of human trafficking. Some of the services we offer:

  • Transitional housing support; 
  • Food and clothing assistance; 
  • Legal assistance and court support; 
  • Counselling services; 
  • Traditional and healing programs and support; 
  • Employment & Financial services; 
  • Educational opportunities;
  • Safety planning; 
  • Connecting with community resources and appropriate referrals.