0-5: Gender-based Violence Services

Here to Help

A 12-week group intervention program for children ages 4 to 18 and their mothers who have experienced family violence. Offered twice a year, the group provides a safe and supportive environment for mothers and children to talk about the violence they have experienced, process their emotions together and learn that they are not alone in their experiences.

Child care, TTC fares, dinner and cultural interpretation are provided free of charge.

Mothers in Mind®

A trauma-informed mother-child group program specifically designed to meet the parenting needs of mothers who have experienced interpersonal trauma and have children under the age of 4.

MIM helps mothers connect with their young children in a playful, supportive environment, where parenting strengths are highlighted and built upon. The program covers a range of topics to help mothers explore different ways to be kind to and take care of themselves, while reflecting on and gaining strategies to respond sensitively to the needs of their young child.  

Learn more at http://www.mothersinmind.ca

TTC fares and cultural interpretation are provided free of charge.

Shelters Program

Accessible counselling services for mothers with children under 18 who have experienced family violence or sexual abuse and are living in CDI partner shelters. Immediate counselling and parenting support is provided on a one-time or ongoing basis as needed, with follow-up support once families move out.

School Liaison Program

A school-based program that helps children ages 4 to 16, living in partner shelters, make a smooth transition to their new school. A School Liaison Worker connects with children, mothers, shelters and school staff during this transition, and is accessible at the school to support the child’s emotional, behavioural and social development.

Follow-up services are available to children at their new school once they move out of the shelter.

Transitional & Housing Support (THSP)

THSP provides safety planning and all related transitional and housing supports to women who have experienced abuse.

Services can include connections to housing, employment, education, financial and legal support.