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Child Development Institute
46 St. Clair Gardens
Toronto, ON, Canada M6E 3V4
T 416-603-1827
F 416-654-8996

For intake inquiries please contact:
Kayla Raposo-Ferreira at 416-603-1827 ext. 3143 or kraposo-ferreira@childdevelop.ca 

SNAP® Implementation and Centre for Children Committing Offences (CCCO), EARL-20B/ EARL-21G Risk Assessment Tools, and Police-Community Referral Protocols

Leena K. Augimeri, Ph.D.
Director, Scientific & Program Development and CCCO
416-603-1827, ext. 3112

SNAP® Affiliate Site, SNAP® Licensing and SNAP® Training Options

Nicola Slater
Manager, SNAP® Implementation
416-603-1827, ext. 3148

SNAP® for Schools, Existing SNAP® and Affiliate Site Staff

Monique Verpoort
SNAP® Project Leader
416-603-1827, ext. 3150

If you are unsure who to direct your questions to,
please contact snap@childdevelop.ca.

"SNAP has been a great success for our children. The cultural adaptation, given remoteness and culture, have worked well with the underlying principles and approach."

Donald Nicholls, Director of Justice and Correctional Services, Cree Nation Government