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Child Development Institute
46 St. Clair Gardens
Toronto, ON, Canada M6E 3V4
T 416-603-1827
F 416-654-8996

For intake inquiries please contact:
Kayla Raposo-Ferreira at 416-603-1827 ext. 3143 or kraposo-ferreira@childdevelop.ca 

SNAP® Implementation and Centre for Children Committing Offences (CCCO), EARL-20B/ EARL-21G Risk Assessment Tools, and Police-Community Referral Protocols

Leena K. Augimeri, Ph.D.
Director, Scientific & Program Development and CCCO
416-603-1827, ext. 3112

SNAP® Affiliate Site, SNAP® Licensing and SNAP® Training Options

Nicola Slater
Manager, SNAP® Implementation
416-603-1827, ext. 3148

SNAP® for Schools, Existing SNAP® and Affiliate Site Staff

Monique Verpoort
SNAP® Project Leader
416-603-1827, ext. 3150

If you are unsure who to direct your questions to,
please contact snap@childdevelop.ca.

“She was hitting, swearing and kicking. I had just about come to my end with Rachel. It was really tough – a lot of crying, a lot of feeling guilty, wondering what I had done as a parent. Up to that point, no one would make a commitment to me or Rachel. All I can see now is the progress we have made together. It has helped us both. Rachel is not acting as violently as she used to.”

Parent of SNAP girl