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SNAP® Changes Lives

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SNAP® has a proven track record for changing lives. Our research demonstrates positive treatment outcomes among children ages 6-11 with disruptive behaviour problems and their families.

We know this because SNAP has been subjected to rigorous evaluation and research. Child Development Institute (CDI) strongly endorses a scientist-practitioner model, meaning clinicians and researchers collaborate to evaluate and enhance the effectiveness of all our programs. SNAP has been evaluated using the most stringent criteria for such interventions (e.g., through use of random control/wait list assignments, reliable and standardized outcome measures and continuous monitoring to ensure treatment fidelity). For a full review of SNAP research and evaluation, please visit the Science Behind SNAP section.

Our research shows that SNAP can help children make better choices and control impulsive and aggressive behaviours that can lead to future contact with the police.

SNAP proven outcomes

  • Increased emotion regulation, self-control, problem-solving skills, pro-social communication, executive functioning and social competency
  • Decreased antisocial behaviour, rule breaking, depression, anxiety and police contact
  • Enhanced ability to make better choices in peers
  • Improved success at school, including a decrease in disciplinary issues
  • Increased connection to positive community activities
  • Development of effective child management strategies, positive support systems, coping abilities and communication skills
  • Decreased parental distress and increased parental competency
  • Development of positive pro-social values and conduct

Long-term outcomes (12+ months)

  • Maintenance of post-group achievements 
  • Continued improvement in the parent’s ability to use effective child management strategies
  • No involvement with the criminal justice system
  • Delayed and less frequent trouble with the police/delayed entry into the youth justice system
  • Continued improvement in the child’s executive functioning

“Two polar opposites: I would either be really withdrawn or really aggressive. SNAP changed that.”