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SNAP® National Expansion

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Canada's leading evidence-based mental health program, Stop Now And Plan (SNAP®), is changing the lives of thousands of children and families by expanding across Canada under the SNAP National Expansion project. Bringing the SNAP program to local organizations across Canada, this initiative fills a vital gap in children's mental health services while helping to change the landscape of children's mental health and create massive social change.

Based in Toronto at CDI's SNAP International Headquarters (SNAP HQ) is the hub for implementation, research, development and training activities for SNAP and the SNAP National Expansion.This work is driven by a passionate multi-disciplinary team of experts led by Dr. Leena Augimeri, one of SNAP's co-founders and developers. SNAP HQ identifies, connects, and builds relationships with community organizations in regions across Canada needing services for high-risk children and families. The community organizations (called SNAP Affiliate Sites) are trained and licensed by CDI's SNAP HQ to provide essential SNAP service delivery for families across the country. We work closely with our SNAP Affiliates to ensure high fidelity and integrity by providing ongoing consultations, training and implementation support. In addition, outcome monitoring through our state-of-the-art SNAP Implementation Tool (SNAPiT). This is a cloud-based, fidelity monitoring tool designed to coordinate, support and measure implementation and service delivery activities to enhance capacity to evaluate overall commitment and integration of the SNAP model within communities to promote sustainability. By increasing children's mental health services across Canada, the SNAP National Expansion enables children and families to find effective and responsive treatment. 

The SNAP National Expansion was launched in 2017 with a goal  to launch 100 SNAP Affiliate sites across Canada. To assist in SNAP's vision of expanding, LEAP | Pecaut Centre for Social Impact selected SNAP to be its inaugural portfolio charity. Today, the SNAP National Expansion has surpassed its projected target of 100 SNAP Affiliate sites using a unique and innovative framework called venture philanthropy with the assistance of government, foundations, businesses, community partners, and passionate individual donors. 

Every community deserves the best possible support to help their children and families experiencing mental health issues. Today, SNAP is in 9 out of 10 provinces across Canada reaching thousands of children and continues to build momentum to strengthen the landscape of children's mental health services. Together, we can open more doors for children and their families to access the services and support they need. 

If you want to learn more about SNAP, or think your community might benefit from the SNAP model, please contact us at SNAP@childdevelop.ca.

“I think my passion comes from the fact that I see CDI as a model for the rest of Canada. And a model in the fact that everything they do is evidence-based. Everything they do at CDI aims to be the best it can be.”

The Honourable Margaret McCain