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SNAP® Boys

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SNAP Boys is a family-focused, early intervention program for boys ages 6 to11 who are engaging in problematic, aggressive, antisocial behaviour and/or have come into con­tact with authority figures. The program aims to prevent antisocial behaviour and reduce the chance of future conflict with authorities through timely and effec­tive early intervention. Experienced and highly-trained SNAP staff work with parents to assess problems and create and evaluate treatment/action plans. 

The program typically consists of five key components:

  • SNAP Boys Club – A structured group that meets weekly for 13 weeks and teaches boys self-control, problem-solving and emotion-regulation skills
  • A concurrent SNAP Parenting (SNAPP) Group that teaches parents effective child management strategies
  • One-on-one family counselling based on the SNAPP Skills Guide
  • Individual counselling/mentoring for boys who require extra support
  • School advocacy and teacher support to assist boys who are struggling behaviourally and/or not performing at their age-appropriate grade level at school

Other components of the program that may be used, based on assessed level of risk and need, and where appropriate, include academic tutoring, victim restitution, community connections and long-term continued care services. As well, a parent problem-solving group is offered several times each year to support parents who have completed the SNAP Parenting group. 

SNAP Boys Youth Leadership Services provide continuing supports for SNAP graduates aged 11 to 18. The program helps SNAP youth address and navigate the complex social and emotional challenges they face during adolescence. 

Youth are admitted to SNAP Youth Leadership Services through internal referral upon completion of SNAP programs. Youth may decide to become engaged in continuing services, including leadership clubs, employment counselling, a summer Leaders-in-Training Program, school support and advocacy, individual and family counselling, parent workshops and victim restitution. 

“In this program, my daughter has learned to stop, think about what she’s doing or just walk away.”

Parent of a SNAP Girl