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SNAP® National Expansion Campaign Scales Up

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In 2014, we launched a national expansion of SNAP® (Stop Now And Plan), Canada’s leading mental health program for children with behavioural problems. We are working to bring SNAP to thousands of children across the country whose needs have not been met in their local communities.

The SNAP National Expansion strategy to implement 120 new sites across Canada, reaching 20,000 high-risk children over the next five years, continues to gain momentum. We currently have 20 sites delivering the SNAP program in Canada and are hard at work to expand the reach and impact of SNAP.

With your help, we can reduce the devastating personal, social, community, and financial costs that untreated behavioural problems incur year after year. Because the choices we make today have the power to shape our world tomorrow.

Please support the SNAP National Expansion Campaign, and help us bring SNAP to as many children and families as possible. 

SNAP was selected by the LEAP: The Centre for Social Impact, as its inaugural portfolio charity. The Centre applies the discipline of private equity investing to select, support and scale charities with quantifiable social impact.

The Centre is pioneering a new model that teams up high-potential charities with forward-thinking investors and private sector expertise to create measurable and sustainable benefits to society.

SNAP Campaign Cabinet                                                             
Honourary Chair: The Honourable Margaret McCain       

Campaign Co-Chairs                                                                   
Lyn Baptist                                                                                        
Janet MacPhail

Carol Bezaire                                                                                     
Judith Hinchman                                                                             
Michelle and Patrick Meneley
Janet Nixon                                                    
Linda Pincott Kitchen
Kellie Sauriol
Ricki Sharpe

Venture Philanthropy Partners
LEAP: The Centre for Social Impact incubated by The Pecaut Centre
Boston Consulting Group
Ernst & Young
Hill + Knowlton
McCarthy Tétrault
Offord Group

“I think my passion comes from the fact that I see CDI as a model for the rest of Canada. And a model in the fact that everything they do is evidence-based. Everything they do at CDI aims to be the best it can be.”

The Honourable Margaret McCain