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the Community Foundation of Ottawa

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Philanthropy is often a catalyst for social action, spurring collaboration between individuals and organizations to create real systemic change. CDI’s SNAP team is very thankful to have the visionary support of two Ottawa-based change-makers who, after seeing SNAP in action in Toronto, wished to see similar impact in the vulnerable neighbourhoods of their home city.

With its world-class asset management and intimate community knowledge, the Community Foundation of Ottawa nurtures philanthropy and works with donors and partners to have an enduring impact on communities. In this instance, the Foundation worked with an individual donor and CDI to help align their mutual vision for social change: to teach high-risk children and their families in a vulnerable Ottawa neighbourhood to Stop Now And Plan, and make choices ‘in the moment’ that will positively impact their future. Following a series of introductions made by the Community Foundation to local organizations, partnerships were finalized with The Phoenix Centre for Children and Families in Pembroke and the Ottawa Inuit Children’s Centre, where staff were trained to deliver SNAP to clients facing serious challenges. This also generated the support of other local organizations - a local Boys & Girls Club is now providing extra programming for children in SNAP, and the Parents’ Lifeline of Eastern Ontario has been trained to deliver the parents’ component of the program.

“The Community Foundation is proud to have been able to bring a donor with a vested interest in bringing about social change among our city’s youth together with CDI’s SNAP team in order to bring this valuable project to fruition,” said Bibi Patel, Vice-President of the Community Foundation of Ottawa. “It’s always particularly rewarding to see this type of community collaboration begin to bring about real positive and systemic change in our community.” 

On behalf of the entire team at CDI, we would like to thank both the donor and the Community Foundation of Ottawa for ensuring that as many children as possible have access to SNAP. 
Your investment in the SNAP Expansion will ensure a better tomorrow for our children, our families and our society.

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“It’s always rewarding to see this type of community collaboration bring about real positive and systemic change in our community.”