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Cecilia Zimerman and Brandon Snow

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Observing a SNAP session in action can often be a transformational moment for practitioners, as well as partners and funders, who are new to the concept of Stop Now And Plan.

SNAP’s most recent National Expansion Campaign supporters, Cecilia Zimerman and Brandon Snow, instantly connected with the program’s family-centred practice during a site tour. It struck a chord with Cecilia, who, as a mother of three young children and an active philanthropist, is passionate about supporting SNAP’s holistic and preventative approach to children’s mental health.

We were fortunate to have Cecilia tell us what drove her to make a significant investment in our campaign to take SNAP to Canada’s highest-risk children:

“Mental illness and emotional disturbances in children have been overlooked by the healthcare system and the community as a whole, making it difficult to properly diagnose the issues and to find help. A child is often labeled with emotional difficulties as a 'problem child' rather than a child with a problem.  I believe a happy and healthy childhood must include mental health care, as well as programs that focus on a child's emotional intelligence and offer techniques to deal with their challenges.   

SNAP is unique as it provides training in these skills and engages the whole family in the process, embedding the solutions in day-to-day life.  Everyone learns the language used in the program, creating a support system that helps the child deal with challenges, and grow up to be a well-adjusted, contributing member of the community. 

I strongly believe every child that needs help should have access to the program.  SNAP should be part of the school system and available to the community as a whole.  Only through donations can we make that happen.” 

On behalf of all of us here at Child Development Institute, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to Cecilia and Brandon for recognizing the power of SNAP. Through their generosity, we will be able to offer this program to more children and families across Canada.

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“I strongly believe every child that needs help should have access to the program”